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31 October 2017

Almost 250 person from 25 countries met on 19 October 2017 in Kraków, where the ESTA autumn meeting was held. It was organised by Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Pracodawców Transportu Nienormatywnego (OSPTN, Polish Association of Employers in the Oversize Cargo Transport Industry) and was the largest event in the sector ever.

In the Sheraton Grand Hotel over the Vistula river in Kraków, meetings of transport and lifting service sections of the ESTA were held. Many specially invited guests from all over Europe were present. The meeting of the transport section was attended by almost 150 persons and a room for 70 persons where the lifting service section met, was full. The purpose of that international meeting of representatives of transport and lifting companies from all over Europe was to discuss the existing solutions and set new goals. On the occasion, the ESTA’s successes were presented and it was an excellent opportunity for international integration of the representatives of the industry from various countries. During the subject-related part of the meeting, the attendees discussed, among others, the situation in different EU countries connected with the acquisition of oversize transport permits.

In the evening, the meeting moved to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. The attendees had a chance to visit the mine briefly and then they went to an official dinner to the Warsaw chamber which is located 125 meters underground and is one of the most beautiful place for exceptional ceremonies in Poland. During the evening, apart from official speeches by, among others, Mr David Collet, ESTA Chairman and Mr Łukasz Chwalczuk, Chairman of OSPTN, the organisers prepared additional attractions for 250 participants, including artistic performances and a live musical band. During the dinner, some promotional films about Poland and Kraków were displayed.

On the following day, some participants took part in the meeting of the ESTA management. All participants had also a chance to visit the centre of Kraków, the Kazimierz district and the Museum of Auschwitz-Bierkenau with guides arranged for by the OSPTN.

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