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Internal relations

We keep the balance between private and professional life
We create a friendly and safe working place which allows the employees of every rank to develop and keep the balance between their private and professional lives. Our goal is to build a culture based on trust, responsibility for the entrusted tasks and competent feedback.

Good workplace
The working conditions at ZTE are shaped with respect to the changing needs of our employees. The work organization is transparent and gives consideration to individual aptitudes of the employees. We consider adequate division of work highly significant.

We believe that the operational health and safety of our employees is very important. We thus ensure our workers with private, high-quality healthcare.

Culture of dialogue
The culture of dialogue and openness is expressed by - among other things - constant improvement of tools and methods of internal communication. Regular meetings are always a starting point. Key information is also transferred to the employees by email.

Professional development
Continuous development of our employees is our priority. Our ambition is building a strong organization with mature managers and devoted workers. Our employees are provided with a wide range of tools which support their development and help finding new ideas for self-improvement. Periodic trainings are an example of our activities in that matter. The trainings are introduced and promoted by reinforcing the sense of control over the employees’ own career.

Career path
We attach special importance to the development of persons who are responsible for human resources management. We prepare future managers to their role of managing teams and help them in performing their duties when they take their managing positions (coaching). We believe that an educated boss creates a close-knit and efficient team.

Educating the future staff
We support students in gaining their education and experience in the job market. We help students during their studies (internships) – many of the graduates find a steady and interesting job as a part of our team.

Supporting the local community
For many years we have been cooperating with the officials of our city in the process of fighting unemployment. A longstanding, close cooperation with the local Employment Agency has been appreciated - among other things - by awarding our company "Local Employment Leader" awards.

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